Spain student visa

The Spain Student Visa is a type of residence permit that allows foreigners to study in Spanish educational institutions. This visa is required for those who wish to study in Spain for a period of more than 90 days and must be requested before arriving in the country. There are different types of student visas, … Leer más

What do I need to work in Spain as a foreigner?

What do I need to work in Spain as a foreigner? To work in Spain as a foreign resident, it is necessary to comply with a series of legal requirements and procedures. Next, I will explain the main aspects that you should consider: Remember that these are the general requirements to work in Spain as … Leer más

Is it safe to invest in Spain for the situation of occupies? (OKUPAS)

Is it safe to invest in Spain for the situation of occupies? What cities are there more occupies? Legality protects you? The security of investing in Spain is not directly affected by the situation of occupies. Occupies are people who illegally take possession of unemployed property without the owner’s consent. However, it is important to … Leer más

Invest in the Costa Blanca. Best place to buy a property on the Costa Blanca.

The Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante, Spain, is known for its beautiful beaches, warm climate and Mediterranean customs. Below, I present some of the best towns to buy a house in this area, along with their most important characteristics and sites: Invest in Denia: Located in the northern part of the Costa Blanca, … Leer más

What to do to prevent squatting and theft in a property if I am living outside of Spain?

Preventing squatting and theft in a property can be done through a combination of physical and technological security measures, as well as establishing good property management. Here you have some options: 1. Anti-squatter insurance: These insurance are designed to protect your property in case of illegal occupation. You can search for insurance companies that offer … Leer más

Buy a car in Spain

Buying a car in Spain is a legal and safe process if the correct steps are followed. These are some of the most frequently asked questions related to this topic: Can I buy a car without being a resident in Spain? Yes, it is not necessary to be a resident to buy a car in … Leer más